Writing Prompts

Sunday Prompt: [1]

Every day I see such beautiful original pieces posted on blogs from all over the world. Creative expression is so important, especially through the difficult times. It’s been a tough year for everyone and at times it can feel like the finish line keeps moving further and further away.

Something that I find particularly soul-cleansing is to move my mind away from everything real for a moment and to write something short and silly about, well, nothing. To briefly forget about the heavy stuff and scribble a paragraph or two about something that is completely unimportant is truely therapeutic.

As we’re all looking for that bit of respite in these strange times, in my small attempt to help out, I will be posting a writing prompt every Sunday that will (hopefully) inspire your mind to move to the realm of the silly, even if only for a while.

If any of my prompts inspire you to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys?), I would love to read whatever you come up with (link it in the comments below so everyone can visit your post), but even if it hides away in your notebook never to be read by anyone, I hope you have fun writing it.

Onto the main event! Today’s prompt is:

“Who knew a tea cosy could be so deadly?”

Get writing!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Prompt: [1]

  1. Even i agree with you. When I was thinking of, to begin with writing with wordpress, I spent many months just pondering over what theme should I pick for my writings or blogs. Almost after a year, it dawned upon me, why cant we write blog without any theme. Writing is not something that can be planned deliberately and written. It is something that all of sudden an idea strikes you, and you feel motivated to write.

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